Custom Acrylic Glass Prints-Canyon 1
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Custom Acrylic Glass Prints-Canyon 1

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Acrylic is to wall art, what HD is to TV. Acrylic prints, in basic terms, are photos printed on shatter resistant, lightweight glass panels. 

Digital images are printed directly on the surface of the acrylic panel via a flatbed printer creating a luminous look with colours that pop. Acrylic prints are an affordable route to modernize and personalize your decor, giving your residential or commercial space a beautiful focal point that will impress guests and clients alike.

Often found in modern homes/offices, hospitality spaces, and art galleries, this product is truly one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated by other solutions like a laminated photo, or a photo encased in acrylic for instance. Acrylic offers colors that are more vivid, glossy, and have a higher contrast.